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From Ocean to Table

Food miles become mere meters, and every bite tells a story of sustainability, taste, and adventure

Food is at the core of our adventures.
You catch it, we cook it.

Ranging from Crayfish, Bluecod, Tarakihi, Hapuka, Butterfish, Moki, Mussels, Cockles, Pipi and more.
From ocean to table, sustainable kaimoana is just one catch away

We practice ‘Fish for a Feed’ 

We believe in making the most of every catch. That's why we keep just enough for your immediate meal and leave the rest for another day.

Our passion lies in sharing our vision for maximizing the use of every part of the fish. Plus, we're more than happy to share our expert tips and tricks on how to stretch your catch to create a diverse range of delicious meals.

Join us on this culinary journey today!

fiordlands crayfish

If seafood is not your thing, you will not go hungry

We make every effort to source our fresh and delicious fruits, vegetables, high-quality meats, and other essential ingredients locally, ensuring that our meals are not only generous and bursting with flavour but also served with a warm and welcoming dose of Southern hospitality that leaves our guests feeling truly at home.

mv pembroke fun

When is the best time to visit Fiordland? 

We think any day is a good day to be in Fiordland, whether there are bluebird sunny days or you are experiencing a true Fiordland rainstorm the weather is all part of the adventure. 


We run our charters from September through until June, during spring the fiords are full of wildlife returning to the area to rest up and breed following winter. In summer the days are long with the sun setting as late as 10.30pm, meaning plenty of time to explore. Autumn is typically associated with the deer rut and hunters come from far and wide to hunt Red Stags in the roar. 

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Annie B, Wellington

"Your ‘nose to tail’ philosophy and sustainable fishing ethos is commendable. We have all come away with a lots to put into practice. And then the food! What can we say except….Exceptional!"
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