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Fish for a Feed

Dusky and Breaksea Sound have long be viewed as an abundant fishery and because we love fishing Fiordland Charters want to see it stay this way. We practice a ‘Fish for a Feed’ which means we keep just enough for the table and return the rest for another day. We love to share our vision for utilising as much of the fish as possible, and generously share tips and tricks to extend your catch across a variety of meals. 

Once you have caught enough for your meal we encourage you to catch and release any further fish caught.

A diverse range of species are on offer and targeting different fish or shellfish creates opportunity for enjoyable fishing throughout your charter. The variety on offer includes Blue Cod, Tarakihi, Gunard, Kingfish, Southern Bluefin, Kahawai, Mussels, Cockles, Pipi, Crayfish, and Arrow Squid to name a few.

We use a varied range of methods to target specific species and reduce bycatch, and fish are handled in a way that they can be released without damage. Fiordland Charters supplies overhead rod and reel combos for bait fishing but guests are welcome to bring their favourite rod for softbaiting, trolling, jigging or stickbaiting. 


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