Welcome to Fiordland aboard the
Charter Vessel MV Pembroke

To visit the "last place on earth" is something few will ever experience.
Whatever it is that takes you there, Dusky and Breaksea Sounds are about as far away as you can get.

Unchanged since Maori and European history began, these fiords are wonderfully inspirational in their awe-inspiring tectonic geography, solitude and unique pristine marine environment. The Fiords enjoy a surprisingly temperate micro-climate compared to the eastern side of the Alps. Temperatures can vary wildly throughout the year, but in general during the day are very rarely above 25 C in Summer, or below 10 C in winter.

Fiordland, on-board the charter boat MV Pembroke, is one of the truly great New Zealand experiences. Follow the "recent" footsteps of Captain James Cook, Ngati Moemoe and Ngai Tahu, exploring the remote beauty of the precipitous valley walls, hanging valleys, moss laden and brooding, glacial carved fiords, with a myriad of misty waterfalls cascading thousands of feet, one can delight in everything that is natural and unspoiled. Listen to the glorious, multitude of bird calls, marvel at the awe inspiring mountains and waterfalls.

Underwater, the fiords offer world-best diving - layers of fresh water create a unique micro-environment where sea-creatures and black coral are seen in much shallower water than usual.

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The view from Astronomer's Point at Pickersgill Harbour, (where Cook moored the Resolution in 1773) to the head of Dusky Sound, some 35 kilometres away, is rapidly becoming one of New Zealand's iconic views
The MV Pembroke offers only a few the chance to experience something special. And perhaps the best for last, the opportunity to harvest your own of sea-food (kai) for the table.

On shore, red deer and the odd trout offer challenges for those inclined (and fit enough!).

Enjoy the finest, freshest seafood meals with menus designed by our on-board chef utilising your personal daily catch, but note that the MV Pembroke has an environmentally sustainable policy of leaving plenty for the next visitors.